Cocaine Healthier Than Alcohol

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Cocaine healthier than alcohol. It’s a bold statement, but it’s even less detrimental than tobacco too.

Health problems from the use of legal substances, particularly alcohol and tobacco, are greater than health problems from cocaine use. Occasional cocaine use does not typically lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems

Cocaine Healthier Than Alcohol But Not Chronic Use

The only problem with cocaine is overuse. Your body cannot endure chronic heavy cocaine use without negative effects on the human body. Yet even with this knowledge, many users say that it is better to live 10 happy years using cocaine everyday then it would be to live a full healthy live of 80 years. If given the choice, many cocaine addicts would rather live just 10 years high everyday on cocaine than a choice to live 10,000 years on earth without cocaine.

Cocaine Healthier Than Alcohol For Running

Cocaine elevates your tired aching body and stimulates your mind. Even users at the age of 70 spring into action, running up stairs, jumping over fences and allows them to walk forever. Many doctors have heard about these rumors, and decided for themselves to walk 16 miles without cocaine. During their journey, they documented that they needed to consume much water and food, and stated at the end of the 16 mile hike, that they could not carry on any further and were surprised they made it as far as they did, as their bodies were about to collapse.

Cocaine Makes Your Fatigue Disappear

Then they did the funniest thing. They took cocaine immediate after walking their 16 miles sober. Within minutes they noticed their bodies were revitalized, and they no longer craved food or water. They then began to walk another 16 miles, this time using a small amount of cocaine. To their surprise, they walked quicker on the way back, much quicker. They walked briskly. Knocking a 1/3 off their previous time. even though they had just now completed a total of 32 miles in one day.

Out of the many doctors that partook in this expedition, they all had a few things in common:

  • They traveled faster. Much faster on the walk back while on cocaine, even thou they had just previous walked 16 miles and were about to collapse.
  • They enjoyed the walk back, and felt full of energy and no body aches or pains.
  • They did not feel any hunger or thirst.

123 Year Old Peasant Daily Coca Leaf Chewer

A bolivian peasant who claims to be 123 years old credits his longevity to chewing coca leafs and eating simple foods like rice and barley. Lean, low fat foods can reduce your rick for heart attack and greatly increase your life span. But the secret is in the nutrients found only in coca leafs that make you live longer.


Cocaine Healthier Than Alcohol

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