Some Dangers About Cocaine

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Some dangers about cocaine you must know. I am not one to tell people what they can or cannot do with their bodies. I feel that should be up to you. We all live in society with you, and it would not be beneficial for me if you did get addicted to cocaine, unless you are someone who can abuse cocaine and still benefit society as Freud and Holmes did. But who knows if they would of benefitted society more if they didn’t use at all.

Some Dangers About Cocaine

So I think you should have some information before you go ahead and try it. Cocaine is so addictive and can be so damaging, that parts of your brain may never function the same again. This can be a health and safety issue for you and your friends and family.

Cocaine Can Destroy Your Life And Career

Cocaine affects a part of your brain that motivates you, the part that makes decisions on what to do.  So if you have a job to go to, this part of the brain makes sure you wake up in time to shower, feed and groom yourself. Cocaine affects that part of your brain. Once you get addicted to cocaine the brain damage is irreversible. So by trying cocaine, you risk your health, family, career and even your life.

Using May Cause The Bad Decisions To Continue Using

Another part of your brain that may get damaged is the part about making decisions. It’s that little part in your brains that tells you, “Hey, traffic is dangerous, I better not cross with all this traffic”.

I am not trying to exaggerate here and tell you if you use cocaine you will die trying to cross the street. Yet it’s possible. The longer you use, the more damage your brain may ensue. You’ll be more likely to harm yourself in ways you never would of before abusing cocaine. It can even affect your decision to not stop using cocaine when it’s causing so much turmoil in your life.


Some Dangers About Cocaine

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